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Micro suction wax removal

Wax Removal


Wax removal with out the wait.  Micro Suction wax removal is the preferred technique for the removal of wax (cerumen) from the ear canal, instead of using a syringe with warm water to 'push' the wax out of the ear, microsuction uses a suction force to hold on to the wax and gently pull it out, while the practitioner maintains a constant view of the inside of the ear canal due to the use of a microscopic head set.

Available at our Llandrindod hearing centre or in your own home. We provide a free assessment using a video otoscope which allows you to see inside your ear, if wax removal is recommend the wax removal charges are:

£30* for one ear.    £50* for both ears

*£5 additional charge is payable for home visits